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Digital Climate Ticket Revolutionizes Austrian Public Transport

The convenience of Austria's new digital climate ticket, making eco-friendly travel a breeze. Join the green transportation movement!

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Digital Climate Ticket

The Austrian Climate Protection Ministry has announced the launch of a digital version of the popular climate ticket, catering to the wishes of its 262,000 users. Starting November 27th, commuters can now access this eco-friendly option through the ÖBB, Westbahn, or Wiener Linien mobile apps.

Climate Protection Minister, Leonore Gewessler, expressed her excitement about the development, stating, “With the digital climate ticket, public transport is even more convenient and comfortable.” This move aims to further encourage sustainable transportation options and bring Austria closer to its climate goals.

Obtaining the digital ticket is a straightforward process. Users need to download and install the ÖBB, Westbahn, or Wiener Linien app on their smartphones, where they can input their card number and date of birth. The climate ticket will then be generated within the app, ready to be presented during any journey.

To ensure widespread compatibility and accessibility, additional apps from various Austrian transport associations will be integrated over time. The digital ticket has been designed to meet stringent security measures, preventing misuse while still allowing for seamless verification on all modes of public transport.

Importantly, this digital ticket will be recognized and accepted by over 100 transport operators across Austria. Minister Gewessler envisions the digital option as a powerful tool to inspire even more individuals to adopt eco-friendly mobility solutions, further propelling the nation towards its climate objectives.

This development marks a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable transportation system, providing commuters with a convenient, eco-conscious alternative for their daily journeys. As Austria takes this stride towards a more environmentally friendly future, the digital climate ticket is poised to play a pivotal role in achieving the nation’s ambitious climate targets.

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