The former refugee coordinator also sees the ÖVP demand: “Where is she?” Christian-social “in any case different.”


Former refugee coordinator Christian Konrad criticizes the FPÖ for their attacks against Caritas. The libertarians would behave like “snivelling”, he stated to the press and sees the ÖVP demanded.

FPÖ club leader Johann Gudenus had recently accused Caritas of “greed for profit” in connection with refugees. The former Raiffeisen Advocate General Konrad said: “The Freedom Party behaves like Rotzbuben. Rotzbuben usually do not know that is what they are talking, and have no idea about life.” Konrad supported the Caritas himself in quite a few projects and sees himself here as an “emergency helper” and he advocates for their defense, “if no one else does”.

In view of the FPÖ statements, Konrad sees the chancellor party ÖVP called: “Where is she when such a thing is said? Or her host of spokesmen? Christian-social in any case looks different -and that is the message control, I can not imagine.”

The former refugee coordinator is also skeptical about the fact that a federal agency should be set up for refugee care as announced, pointing to the situation in 2015: “Without Caritas, the state would have been helpless.”

The FPÖ has rejected Konrad’s criticism. Secretary General Harald Vilimsky said in a press release on Saturday that the “welcome culture” he had co-operated had been voted out. However, ÖVP representatives generally called for a disarming of the words.

Vilimsky rejected the “ranting” of Konrad. He was apparently trying to catch some attention. “Mr. Konrad, too, will have to accept this course correction, which was ushered in by the government participation of the FPÖ,” the Secretary General further emphasized.

Commenting on the statements made by the FPÖ on Caritas, Chancellor Gernot Blümel (ÖVP) said in a standard interview on Saturday: “This is grounded in mutual antipathy.” However, this does not help anyone, Blümel said, appealing “that everyone has a different style”. The Lower Austrian provincial governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP) also demanded in the KURIER a respectful relationship between politics and NGOs and a dismantling of the words.