The increased family allowance for children with disabilities had suddenly been canceled.


For children with disabilities, the increased family allowance (including the deduction of € 379.40 per month) has been canceled by the tax authorities last week without any prior notice. The reason for this are court decisions which were made in 2013 and 2016, according to which persons whose livelihood is
largely secured by the public sector are not entitled for family allowances.

The family ministry announced to immediately stop the execution of judicial knowledge and a legal repair. On Wednesday, a letter will be sent to the tax offices.

“The consequences of administrative court findings are unacceptable to us, we will not allow that to happen, there shall not be any changes in laws for handicap children with disabilities, we are working hard on a speedy repair of the law, and the decisions already issued, will not be executed or urged In
this context, there will be no issuing of new financial decisions, “said Minister of Women, Juliane Bogner-Strauß (ÖVP).

Why the judicial findings were executed only now and without notice, cannot be determined for the time being. In any case, there was no corresponding order from the Ministry, it was insured.

Source: Die Presse