The town of Saalfelden is hiring a professional hermit to live in 350 years old cave house.

Call For A Professional Hermit In Saalfelden

The town is hiring an occupant for April through November because afterwards it would be too cold to live there. Christian outlook, qualifications include self-sufficiency, “peace with [one’s] self,” and friendliness in a twist, a foremost of hermit duty is to greet and speak with the cave’s visitors. It is being reported that hermitages is over 350 years old and is stood on a natural cave just above Lichtenberg castle. Non-availability of computer and television is there. Beside this lacks of heat and running water are there as well. But it’s rich in spiritual comforts, it’s look very peaceful inside apparently and along with this there is a chapel right next door.

So, if you are looking for a job, having aforementioned qualifications, wants to live in Austria can send your CV details to hermit owner.

It is also being reported that, this  position tends to be hotly contested. In 1970, a local shot himself at door when he didn’t get the job of the hermitage in anger.