Frenchman Dominique Meyer will be replaced by Bogdan Roscic. Bodgan Roscic will serve the prestigious Vienna State Opera from 2020. Austrian’s government has named him as next director of the Opera House.


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Roscic is a Serbian born and brought up in Austria and currently presiding the Sony Music’s Classical Music Division. He is 52 and has no experience of running an opera house.

Whereas Culture Minister Thomas Drozda made statements while announcing this appointment “I believe we need to look to the future, although that isn’t to criticise the status quo,” He said he wanted to opera house “to ensure that it can attract the global stars of tomorrow. If you like, a State Opera 4.0.” He complaint that in the age when people have Netflix and Broadway “the genre has lost meaning and faces never-before-seen competition for the public’s time and money.” On the other side Roscic told the media that he accepted this job as the most important decision of his life so that opera house will develop its own admirers and it would be very soon able to compete with other kind of media.