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Bear Scratches Parked Car in South Tyrol: Unprecedented Incident

A bear in South Tyrol scratches a parked car, leaving experts puzzled. Discover the implications, bear behavior, and calls for stricter regulations.

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Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer
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Bear Scratches Parked Car in South Tyrol

A bear in South Tyrol, specifically in Völs am Schlern, made headlines when it scratched a parked car near a farm, as reported by South Tyrolean media. This unusual behavior had never been witnessed before, capturing the attention of locals. Foresters promptly gathered bear DNA samples from the vehicle to determine if they match traces of the bear found elsewhere. Additionally, they discovered bearskin hairs on the car’s front bumper, further indicating the bear’s involvement.

South Tyrol authorities revealed that three bears are currently traversing the region, with one in Ulten, another in Barbiano, and a third in Eppan. It is presumed that the bear from Barbiano may have ventured into Völs. Fortunately, these bears are deemed non-threatening and pose no heightened risk to the population.

The motive behind the bear’s interest in the car remains a mystery, leaving experts to speculate on possible explanations. One theory suggests that the sweet aroma of coolant attracted the bear, enticed by the scent emanating from beneath the vehicle’s metallic exterior. Considering the car’s age, it is plausible that liquid had leaked, creating an enticing fragrance for the curious animal.

Local officials, including the mayor of Völs, perceive this incident as a political challenge, underscoring the necessity of establishing legal frameworks to tackle the issue at hand. They argue that the region is ill-suited for bears and raise questions about who should take responsibility for enacting relevant legislation. While some believe this falls within the realm of politics, rather than environmental groups, the opposition South Tyrolean Freedom Party seizes the opportunity to advocate for a “clear law on the removal” of bears and wolves.

The bear’s car-scratching escapade has cast a spotlight on the presence of bears in the area, sparking discussions on coexistence, wildlife management, and the potential requirement for stricter regulations. As South Tyrol grapples with finding a balance between human activities and preserving its diverse wildlife, this incident serves as a reminder of the need to address such matters comprehensively and thoughtfully.

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