A survey was conducted recently on the behalf of Austrian Department of integration which found a new study from the Austrian Academy of Science reveals that 40 percent of refuges in Austria keep religion above law.

Austrian Refugee Keeps Religion Before Law

A reported which was shared at rt.com, claimed that religion is a more reliable guide for behavior than secular state law, with 80 percent supporting adherence to religious law in the public sphere. At the same time, only 61 percent admitted to being religious, while 45 percent don’t believe all religions are equal. Half of them told that, according to their point of view lifestyle of western people are way too liberal and they have way too much freedom. Some 900 Austrian refugees have participated in this survey during the summer and autumn of 2016. Among them 43 percent were Syrian, 37 percent Afghan, and 20 percent Iraqi. Slightly more than half were 18 to 30 years old, and 80 percent were male.

More addition to this, majority acknowledging women and men as equals, whereas nearly all wanted to see Muslim women covering up in Austria. Some 37 percent also said they wanted separate gym classes and swimming lessons for boys and girls in schools, and one in five even said women should not be allowed to work.