University of Teacher Education in Vienna officials have conducted a study on Austrian Muslim Students based on religion “Jews have too much influence in Austria”. The result shows that 48% of Muslims students are not in favor of influence based on a religion or a country in Austria and agreed on this statement.


Austrian Muslim Students
Austrian Muslim Students

The study was conducted on the Austrian Muslim students aged 16 to 19 years. The poll result showed that half of the Muslim students are not happy with the strong influence of Jews on the bases of religion.

Stefan Schmid-Heher and Georg Lauss, the study authors told Der Standard, where the study was reported, that Prevention efforts should be taken on the Austrian Muslims students for Jews.

Muslim student express their concern with VinnnaTimes that the study authors have twisted and presented their thoughts in negative direction. They are more concerned that Austria should not be influenced by a Religion so they are not in favor and condemned Jews extremism.

Muslim students are looking Austria as free from any influence based on religion either Jews or any other religion, where people from all religion can live peacefully and authorities should not overlook polls which are based on religious extremism or targeting a specific Austrian community.