Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz seeks to close all preschools in the country for the education of Muslim children, talking to a local newspaper, kurz said “Of course, we don’t need them. There should be no Islamic kindergartens”.


In Vienna there are 842 registered preschools, 100 of which are Catholic and 13 Protestant, 230 Jews, 150 Islamic and other religions. Sebastian Kurz looking to shutdown only Islamic schools for children in the country with the strong statement, what he feels.

Ednan Aslan, a University of Vienna Professor added told Agence France-Presse that these preschools are same as Christian, Jews and other religion preschools teaching the Bible, Torah. The majority of Austrian Muslim children at the Islamic preschools are Arabs by race. “Parents are sending their kids to establishments that ensure they are in a Muslim setting and learn a few suras (chapters from the Koran) as like other religion preschools,” Aslan told AFP.

Minister Sebastian Kurz points his gun on the Islamic preschools for isolating children linguistically and culturally, as well as for taking taxpayer money. He suggested that raising the language proficiency criteria would force the schools to close. Many Muslim leaders have already concern over his anti- Muslims attitude in Austria for isolating them.

A local magazine, Biber appointed an undercover reporter who posed as Muslim mother looking for admission in Islamic preschool for her child. She found no evidence that these schools cutting off or isolating Muslim children from society.