Austria expressed that, she wants to make new military alliance along the countries like Balkan route in order to protect its boarders and ever growing numbers of illegal migrants.
Austria wants military alliance to cope with migrants issues

Austria’s Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) while talking to German newspaper said, about 500 to 1000 refugees and migrants are crossing boards and entering Austria every week. We need better and strong corporation for stopping this. He told that he is looking ahead to work with 15 countries including Balkan route, Vise grad group (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia). German newspaper quoted him, “We are currently working on legislative amendments that would allow the government to deploy soldiers abroad, not just for humanitarian reasons. Austrian troops could be sent within and outside the EU to help protect borders if necessary.” He said that number of illegal migrants are too high and EU’s leaders agreed to reduce flow of migrants. Although European Union deal with Turkey to cope up with migrant crisis in no longer in any effect. It would be alarming if Government of Ankara would open doors for migrants. Austria is looking forward to tie strong and corruptive bond with countries to tackle the issue of migrants which she looks as a threat.