Saturday, September 30, 2023

Former Austrian President Endorses Rendi-Wagner in SPÖ Presidential Race

Former Austrian President Heinz Fischer has endorsed Pamela Rendi-Wagner for the SPÖ presidency, while other party leaders remain neutral or endorse other candidates.

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Lisa Fischer
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Austrian Rendi-Wagner in SPO Presidential Race

Former Federal President Heinz Fischer has publicly endorsed Pamela Rendi-Wagner in her bid for the SPÖ presidency. Fischer had previously avoided explicitly endorsing Rendi-Wagner, but stated in a recent interview that she was the elected chairwoman and that it was important to support her to avoid anything that could affect their success. Fischer also agreed with Rendi-Wagner in terms of content and expressed appreciation for her as a person.

On the other hand, Lower Austria’s SPÖ boss Sven Hergovich did not give a clear indication of his voting preferences, stating that he saw himself as a kind of wing connector and had a special responsibility not to make any recommendations. Meanwhile, the SPÖ State party chairman Michael Lindner confirmed that he would vote for Hans Peter Doskozil in the survey. Lindner emphasized the importance of commitment to the principle of the member survey and urged calm in the party. He also called on the third candidate, Andreas Babler, to commit to this fixed principle.

The survey will end on May 11, and the party congress will be held on June 3. The SPÖ, Austria’s Social Democratic Party, is one of the country’s major political parties, and the party presidency is a highly contested position. The current holder of the position, Rendi-Wagner, is running for re-election, facing off against two other candidates, Hans Peter Doskozil and Andreas Babler.

The endorsement of Rendi-Wagner by Fischer, a respected and influential figure in the party, could give her a significant boost in the election. However, Hergovich’s lack of endorsement could potentially hinder her chances. Lindner’s endorsement of Doskozil highlights the division within the party, with various factions supporting different candidates.

As the survey deadline approaches, tensions within the SPÖ are likely to intensify. The party will need to find a way to reconcile the differences between the candidates and their supporters in order to present a united front ahead of the party congress. The outcome of the election could have significant implications for the future of the SPÖ and the political landscape in Austria.

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