According to weather forecaster winter storm will hit the country on Wednesday. Both east and west will be hit byhigh dose of snow and low temperature which will leave impact on weather in entire country.

Snug winter family holiday in Austria with snowResidents aren’t seems happy with the harsh weather which hits the region recently. In the area of Mühlviertel, the nearby police  tweeted t inform people about that the region was “sinking in snow“.

Only Upper Austria witnessed higher wind speed. Residents of the region didn’t have to face immense amounts of snowfall. Although meteorologists predicate that Ubimet, Josef Lukas in upcoming days the temperature will remain between -3 and -12 degrees Celsius and in Pinzagau, southern Salzburg it could be as low as 23 below. Arno Studeregger warns that the danger only increases once the storm has actually cleared. “The first nice day after a snowfall is the most dangerous.

Although wind will be remain vigorous until Saturday, and wind speed could be exceed to 50 kilometers per hour which would feel like minus 30. Along with stormy wind and snowfall it would be alarming for mountainous regions.