Austria and Germany Sign Bilateral Gas Transmission Agreement

Austria and Germany sign a bilateral gas transmission agreement that aims to ensure a stable gas supply in the event of a shortage. The agreement outlines the joint responsibility of Austria and Germany for the use and filling of two natural gas storage facilities located in Austria – the Haidach and 7Fields storage facilities.

The filling target of these two natural gas storage facilities, which are primarily connected to the German network, will be divided between Austria and Germany, as per the agreement. In the case of energy management or a gas shortage, Vienna and Berlin mutually assure each other of access to the quantities stored in the Haidach and 7Fields storage facilities.

The agreement is particularly crucial for the westernmost provinces of Austria, Tyrol, and Vorarlberg, which are dependent on Germany for gas supply. Austrian Energy Minister Leonore Gewessler stated that the reserve provides a safety net for crisis situations. Austria and Germany are dependent on each other for gas supply, she added. The agreement provides an additional safety net for Austria’s stable gas supply.

Solidarity and joint efforts are essential to ensure a secure gas supply in the event of a gas shortage, according to Germany’s Minister of Economics Robert Habeck. The agreement on the Haidach and 7Fields storage facilities is another joint step in the close and trusting cooperation between Austria and Germany in the field of energy security and supply.

Tyrol’s governor Anton Mattle was reassured by the agreement, but he stressed the need to move away from fossil energy sources. He wants Tyrol to be directly connected to Austria’s gas network, as bridging energy sources like gas are needed.

The agreement between Germany and Austria is in line with EU law and will come into effect 30 days after signing. The two storage facilities have already been used by both Austrian and German gas companies in the past, and the agreement will ensure a stable gas transit between the two countries, securing gas supply.