The Chancellor of Austria pledged to make Austria “Strong Again” – German language newspaper taunted him of mimicking of Donald Trump.

Austria First – Pledged by Chancellor Christian Kern

While delivering speech at the biggest city of Austria “Wels” in upper Austria, Christian Kern shared his 146 pages agenda for better, stronger and successful Austria. He seemed hopeful about people of Austria and future of country. He demanded priorities in jobs for people of Austria in European Union and called for “200,000” extra jobs. While speaking to huge crowd of his voters and supporters he disclosed his future steps which include opposition to immigration, European Union and same sex marriages along with any perceived threat which is threat to “Austrian Culture Identity”

From his words and action it is crystal cleared that under his coalition government will be run under the slogan of “Austria First”.

While Mr Kern was speaking to hundreds of supporters in Wels, the biggest city in Austria which is run by an FPO mayor and a former SPO stronghold he said “Those who no longer believe in us, those who are disappointed by us, those who are perhaps angry, I hear your message and I understand your disappointment,” he said. “From today we will change course.”