Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Another 14 Years Old Suspect Arrested From Vienna

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Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer
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Austrian capital, Vienna is on security high alert. Austrian police directed the residents of Austria on Monday to be on heightened alert for suspicious objects and activities as they hunted for possible associates of a suspected Islamic radical who they say might have been planning a bomb attack.

Another 14 Years Old Suspect Arrested From Vienna

A 14-year-old young man is arrested from Vienna city, it is expected that he had been in contact with the main suspect arrested on Friday in his Vienna Apartment. Police urged Vienna’s resident to “look instead of looking away”. They advise them to report immediately to the police if they observe any suspicious activity or object. According to Austrian Authorities, after they detained their suspect that he may have been close to carrying out an attack, with the city’s subway line a potential target.

Although, while speaking to media, Interior Minister Wolfgang Sabotka told that, there is no indication that suspect has any concrete plans. But decisions are made to increase indefinitely security on railway stations and other frequent areas of Vienna. Noted the, Vienna has received terror threats from Albania Terrorists group and after receiving threats, security measures have increased throughout the Vienna and special surveillance warnings are also shared with residents of Vienna.


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