Turkish authorities accuse the entrepreneur of Linz of financial support for the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

Austrians Got Arrested

In Turkey, another Austrian has been arrested. “There was an arrest last week and the Consulate General is in contact with the defendant’s lawyer and the Turkish authorities,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Peter Guschelbauer confirmed to the “Oberösterreichische Nachrichten” (OÖN / Tuesday / online). According to the report, this is an entrepreneur from Linz.

The “ÖON” based on Turkish media reports by CNNtürk and 24TV. Accordingly, the first arrest of the 50-year-old was on October 2, when leaving the airport in Istanbul. The accusation against the Linzer loud, the banned workers party Kurdistan PKK close and have supported them financially.

After being arrested at the beginning of October, a court-martial had reportedly imposed a ban on his departure, but a remand was “released on bail of 100,000 Turkish lira (around 15,000 euros).” Last Thursday, however, the Linz entrepreneur got arrested again – apparently “evidence” had emerged, which showed the 50-year-old at a table with PKK members, as the Turkish media reported.

The Upper Austrian is working according to “OÖN” worldwide in the freight industry. His family simply told the newspaper that the manager, who has been living in Austria for “decades ” and is also an Austrian citizen, stays in Turkey. They are in contact with him through the phone.

It was not until the beginning of September that the Turkish anti-terrorist police arrested the Austrian journalist Max Zirngast. The 29-year-old is still in police custody in Ankara. According to his lawyers, the suspicion against the student is that he is a member of a left-wing “terrorist organization”.

Sources: Kurier.at