The Dutch presenter Sylvie Meis confessed of her unhealthy weight loss methods.

Sylvie Meis

Sylvie Meis is known for her well-toned body. But the defined figure is no coincidence. “I have to train hard and five to six times a week on that,” said the 40-year-old Sylvie Meis.

A few years ago she had hardly done any sports. “In the past, I did not had the muscles that I have now,” the native Dutchwoman told the station. At that time she also used to have fast food more often.

She was so dissatisfied with her body that she was even scared of appearances: “My nightmare back then was being in a big square in the summer, where a lot of people sit and then walk by, and I was really scared of that.”

One day Meis decided to lose weight as soon as possible – first she started it with fasting. “Then I lost a lot of weight, but that was not in a healthy way, I basically stopped eating,” confessed the former “Let’s Dance” presenter.

Only her ex-husband Rafael van der Vaart, with whom Meis was married from 2005 to 2013, helped her find a healthier way to get her body into shape.

Meis: “When I got together with Rafael, I discovered exercise and nutrition, and then I knew how to do it in a healthy way to be fit.”

In her new RTL show “Sylvies Dessous Models” Meis is looking for new models, which she wants to prepare with personal tips for a career in the fashion biz.