A 21-year-old man was arrested, report says that according to unconfirmed information from the interior ministry, the suspect is “a Romanian citizen with a passport from Moldova.” No other information was immediately available, who was blamed for the TV reporter Viktoria Marinowa’s rape and murder.

Victoria Marinova

In the case of the killed TV reporter Viktoria Marinowa, a suspect has been taken in Germany, the Bulgarian government confirmed on Wednesday. The report regarding the arrest of the suspect was reported by media earlier. It concerns a 21-year-old man, said Interior Minister Mladen Marinov.

The man was caught in Germany, the minister did not say anything on this case yet. The corpse of the victim was discovered on Saturday in a park on the Danube bank in Ruse, where Marinova had gone for jogging. The suspect had fled across the Danube bridge from Russe to Romania, said Prosecutor General Sotir Zazarov. According to the current state of investigation, there is no connection between the 30-year-old journalist and her  job, Zazarov said.

Marinova hosted a show last month featuring two investigative journalists who were detained for their work on suspected fraud involving EU funds. The two were in the investigation for alleged fraud with EU funds in Bulgaria. The EU Anti-Fraud Office Olaf is currently evaluating the information from Bulgaria.

Sources: Die Presse