In Lower Austria alone, there were 100 firefighting missions. The storm is followed by rain, then the dry air. Snow is expected on the weekend.

Storm In East Of Austria

In the east of Austria, the storm caused numerous firefighting missions during the night on Wednesday. In Lower Austria, the fire brigade moved to about 100 missions. In the district of Baden, there were several hours of power outages. The ZAMG weather station at the Semmering/Sonnwendstein measured 150.8 km / h. But also on the Jubiläumswarte in the Vienna metropolitan area 127.8 kilometers were recorded. The storm led to fallen trees and blown billboards and damaged power and telephone lines.

In the early afternoon of Tuesday, two and half-meter-wide hemmed-up panels in Vienna’s Landstrasse got detached from a house roof and landed on the street. According to Christian Feiler, spokesman for the Viennese professional fire brigade, two policemen, who happened to be busy on the spot with an official act, locked the road and alerted the fire brigade. The task force secured two sheets on the roof with screws and laid two more on the ground by means of an aerial ladder. According to Feiler, two fire engines with eight men were used for about one and a half hours. Cause of the roof problems were probably gusts of wind.

The storm also caused accidents on the roads in Lower Austria. In Münchendorf in the district Mödling a small truck had to be salvaged, which was overturned by the storm.

But not everything is over yet. The Austrian storm control center assumes that the storm will reach its peak in the east on Wednesday morning. Then the cold front provides for heavy rain, the storm is expected to subside in the evening.

On Thursday it should be quiet, in the west and south, it should be mostly sunny. In the north and west are still initially clouds and last showers to hold in the course of the day and then more and more loosen up. The daily highs on Thursday range from twelve to 16 degrees, in the west and south even to 19 degrees.

On Friday, on the national holiday, it is to be quite sunny according to ZAMG, foggy in places. In the morning still fresh with one to nine degrees, in places in inner alpine valleys also light frost to be expected. In the afternoon, however, the mercury column rises to values between 13 and 20 degrees. The weekend could be more turbulent again – with snow in the west, heavy rain in the south and storm and heat in the east.

Sources: Die Presse